Erectile Dysfunction And How To Beat It

Our world today is full of great advantages, like digital technologies, artificial intelligence, fast and reliable cars etc. However, this world is also very stressful, with all its traffic jams, nervous jobs and lack of motion required for normal functioning of any human being. These negative factors strongly influence all spheres of life of a man, including sexual life. Therefore, impotence, or, more precisely, erectile dysfunction, is one of the most common diseases of the male sexual sphere. Fortunately, it is possible to treat this unpleasant condition. The first drug which turned out to be really effective in this regard is Viagra. It still occupies the position of the most popular remedy for treatment of potency problems in all countries of the world, but this drug is rather expensive, and not affordable for thousands of men. One of its decent analogues, which are also called generics, is Zenegra.


Package Price Per pill Savings
100mg * 12 $24.95 $2.08 $0.00
100mg * 24 $44.95 $1.87 $4.97
100mg * 60 $79.95 $1.33 $44.85
100mg * 88 $99.95 $1.14 $83.09
100mg * 120 $119.95 $1.00 $129.65
100mg * 180 $134.95 $0.75 $239.45

What Is Zenegra And How It Works?

Like other generics of Viagra, Zenegra contains the same active substance – Sildenafil citrate. This substance belongs to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. Its action is based on stimulation of natural process of erection occurrence. Zenegra increases supply of blood to the penis and blocks the action of the enzyme which suppresses erection. As a result, soon after the intake of the med a strong and stable erection appears, but only in case of presence of sexual arousal or stimulation.
Zenegra is manufactured by a well-known Indian pharmaceutical company Zydus Healthcare Ltd., which specializes on production of cheap high-quality generics. This company was established in 1952 and has since maintained an excellent reputation in the global pharmaceutical market.

How To Take Zenegra for Best Effect?

As well as the original medication, Zenegra should be taken about an hour or forty minutes before a sexual intercourse. It’s hard to name the best interval, because the drug can start acting earlier or later in different men. The tablet should be washed down with water. Greasy food can
Since the drug is not an aphrodisiac, it will not act unless the genital area of a man is stimulated or he feels sexual desire. Therefore, don’t expect any effect if you just took a pill and went for a walk afterwards.
Zenegra is manufactured in form of diamond-shaped blue pills with the dosage of 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate. This amount of active substance provides the strongest effect on male body, allowing to achieve a firm erection and to significantly elongate the duration of the sexual act. Never take more than one pill per day, because it will lead to an overdose and can be harmful for your organism.

What are Side Effects And Contraindications of Zenegra?

Like any other medication for treatment of erectile dysfunction, Zenegra has a number of side effects typical for its active ingredient. They include, but are not limited by: dizziness, violations of color perception (when natural color of things gets changed and they seem to be blue or green), headache, rush of blood to facial skin and some other ones You can read the full list of side effects in the instruction manual to the drug.
As for contraindications, the most common ones are heart and cardiovascular diseases like angina pectoris and ischemia, hypotension and hypertension, arterial thrombosis and anatomical deformations of the penis. Of course, it is forbidden to take Zenegra after a stroke or a heart attack, since the drug puts strain on the heart and can lead to increase of arterial pressure.
If you suffer from some heart disease but it is compensated and doesn’t bother you much, consult a doctor and pass a medical examination before taking Zenegra.

Where To Buy Zenegra?

Most likely, in the drugstore near your house, the pharmacists have never heard of such a drug as Zenegra, because selling generics is not the policy of offline pharmacies. They prefer releasing branded medications which are more popular and bring more profit. However, the answer to the question, where to buy this quality analog of Viagra, is very simple: in the Internet. Zenegra is available in lots of online pharmacies, which make every effort to ensure that health care is simple and affordable. Buying Zenegra pills online, you don’t depend on your location and location of the pharmacy, the medicine can be delivered right to your place even from abroad. When you order this drug in an online pharmacy, payment is made online, and anonymity of your purchase is guaranteed.


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