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If you experience problems with achieving a strong erection, suffer from premature ejaculation or benign prostatic hyperplasia, most likely you know about Cialis, which is the most suitable drug for treatment of these pathological conditions of male sexual sphere. However, this is not the only existing medication with such effect. Many men will be glad to learn that it has numerous generics, which are cheaper and have the same effect. One of best generics of Cialis is Tadalis, produced by a well-known Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma established in 1973. Indian medications have long established themselves as high-quality and reliable, and they are sold all over the world, from Germany to Australia.

Package Price Per pill Savings
20mg * 12 $29.95 $2.50 $0.00
20mg * 20 $49.95 $2.50 $0.00
20mg * 32 $65.95 $2.06 $14.05
20mg * 60 $113.95 $1.90 $36.05
20mg * 92 $152.95 $1.66 $77.05
20mg * 120 $191.95 $1.60 $108.05
20mg * 180 $269.95 $1.50 $180.05

Composition And Action

The main active ingredient of Tadalis is Tadalafil, a PDE-5 inhibitor (inhibitor of enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5, the ferment responsible for stopping erection). The dosage in one pill is 20 mg. Usual package contains four pills in one blister.
Tadalafil relaxes smooth muscles in blood vessels of the penis, which as a result dilate and get filled with a large amount of blood. It leads to the occurrence of a firm erection, but only if a man is sexually aroused or stimulated. For best effect the pill should be taken about half an hour before the planned sexual intercourse. Then the active substance will have enough time to absorb in the blood and start acting. It should be noted that unlike many other meds for treatment of potency problems, Tadalis is not influenced by the amount of food you have eaten before swallowing the pill. It is a good news for those men who prefer having a romantic meal before sex.
Also, this drug can be taken with alcohol, but don’t get carried away with it: while Tadalafil puts less strain on heart than Viagra, too much of drinks in combination with Tadalis may lead to tachycardia and reduction of the effect on erection.

Composition And Action

This medicine is recommended for those men who suffer from erectile dysfunction of various etiology, and also it is useful for combating premature ejaculation, since it helps to significantly elongate the duration of the sexual act. Tadalis is a good remedy against benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), because regular use of this drug improves blood flow in male genital organs, while stagnation of blood in this area is a real scourge of modern men leading a sedentary lifestyle and lacking physical activity.
If you don’t have serious cardiovascular problems, liver and kidney insufficiency or ischemic neuropathy, you are allowed to take Tadalis. However, before taking the medicine it is strongly recommended to carefully study the instruction manual. Keep in mind that if you neglect your health and take this medication in the presence of contraindications, any complications, from severe side effects to sudden cardiac death, are possible, and only you will be the one to blame.
As for side effects, Tadalis doesn’t have many: most common ones are headache, dizziness and flushing, more seldom nasal congestion, dyspepsia and increased or decreased blood pressure can occur. It should be mentioned that these symptoms are usually strongly manifested only in the beginning of the course, and tend to fade away on subsequent taking. Consumption of Tadalis doesn’t cause psychological or physiological addiction, regardless of duration.

Where To Find Tadalis?

Most likely, no doctor will ever prescribe you Tadalis. Neither it will be present in an ordinary drugstore, at least it’s a small chance to find this med in a pharmacy around the corner. However, Tadalis is a very popular generic in the assortment of various online pharmacies, especially those which specialize on erectile dysfunction medications.
A positive feature of ordering the drug in an online pharmacy is that you can make a purchase from any country of the world. Constantly, buying Tadalis from abroad is much cheaper, and Internet pharmacies can deliver your order very soon, in the interval from three to ten days.

Compatibility with Other Drugs

It is strictly forbidden to take Tadalis in combination with nitrates, it is also not recommended to combine it with certain antibiotics and antimycotics. Some other drugs, including the ones against prostate adenoma, can also influence the action of Tadalis. To make no doubt that the medications you take will not conflict with Tadalafil, take care to study the instruction for use where you will find all the necessary data on this theme.


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