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How To Prolong Sexual Act And Improve Potency?

It is difficult to say what can upset a man more than premature ejaculation. If the orgasm occurs pathologically fast (from a medical point of view – faster than one and a half minutes after the onset of the sexual intercourse), this leads to disapproval of the woman, and the man himself doesn’t have time to enjoy the process of coition. There are also cases when ejaculation occurs before the introduction of the penis into the vagina. Often, this pathology is combined with erectile dysfunction, which is due to psychological discomfort before potentially unsuccessful sex. As a result, there is a complex clinical picture: a man is not able to make a sexual intercourse because of the weakness of the erection, and also because of the too rapid termination of sexual intimacy.

Package Price Per pill Savings
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100mg + 60mg * 60 $179.95 $3.00 $120.05

Of course, you can’t let such a situation go by itself. It needs treatment, which should be started as soon as possible. One of the best remedies for both these purposes is the drug Super P Force. It is a combined medication, the main active ingredients of which are Dapoxetine (100 mg) and Sildenafil Citrate (60 mg). With the help of this med you will very soon forget about awkward situations in bed. The drug is produced in form of diamond-shaped blue pills, reminding of Viagra, which should be washed down with water.

How Does It Work?

Super P Force is not an ordinary “magic pill” for boosting erection. Dapoxetine is a well-known potency regulator intended specially for treatment of premature ejaculation. It is an inhibitor of the capture of serotonin. Dapoxetine blocks receptors in the cerebral cortex, which normalizes the time of ejaculation onset. The dosage of 100 mg of this chemical substance is enough for a strong effect during three or four hours. In order for the medication to absorb into blood, it should be taken about an hour before sexual activity.

The second active ingredient of Super P Force is Sildenafil Citrate – a substance which belongs to PDE-5 inhibitors and is widely used for combating impotence. So, Sildenafil Citrate is the active substance of famous Viagra. It relaxes blood vessels in the penis and improves blood flow in male genital organs, leading to the formation of a strong erection. The effect is achieved only in presence of sexual stimulation.
In Super P Force the best of these two ingredients is united. As a result, the medication significantly improves erection and prolongs the duration of sexual act. It is a cheap and effective remedy which every year helps thousands of men to combat ejaculation and erection problems.

Where To Buy Super P Force?

This innovative and safe drug is produced by an Indian pharmaceutical company Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd. The medication has been certified and licensed and is imported into many different countries, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Germany and others. The main trade channels are online pharmacies. There you can always buy this medication with delivery to any country at the most reasonable price.

Take into account that online drug stores very often hold various promotions, which are a good chance to buy Super P Force really cheap. Formation of the order is very easy, it takes just a couple of minutes, and payment is carried out online. Another pleasant feature is anonymity: most online pharmacies respect your privacy and don’t mention on your parcel what is contained inside of it.

What Should Be Known On Side Effects And Contraindications

The main contraindication of Super P Force are age under 18, cardiovascular diseases, kidney insufficiency, stomach ulcer, retinitis, leucosis. Strong hypertension and hypotension are also frequent reasons not to use Super P Force. Take the drug only after weighing all pros and cons if you are older than 70, because stress on heart can lead to tachycardia and increase of arterial pressure.

It is forbidden to take this medicine together with nitric oxide, nitrates, certain antidepressants and antiviral drugs. Be sure to read the instruction carefully!
Side effects of Super P Force take place not very often. However, some patients complain about dizziness, stuffiness of the nose, reddening of facial skin and swelling of eyelids. If you have taken an excessive dose, these phenomena can be very strong, nausea and upset stomach may join them. You must not take more than one pill per day, and still it is better not to use Super P Force daily.

Term of storage of Super P Force is three years, it must be mentioned on the package. In case if you can’t find this indication or this term is outdated, don’t take the pills. Report this to the pharmacy in which you bought the med – it should be replaced for free with a new one.


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