Without any doubt, such a health problem as erectile dysfunction is not only an annoying necessity to spend money on visits to doctors and long treatment, but also serious stress, a decreased quality of life and problems in the family. Treatment of problems with erection is always associated with moral discomfort, because this disease is perceived by men as very shameful, something that needs to be hidden. This approach is far from reasonable, because ignoring the disorders of sexual function leads only to their deterioration. Beginning impotence should be treated as soon as possible, and one of the best means for this is Silagra.

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Silagra: What Is It?

Silagra is a modern high-quality medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which quickly and effectively strengthens the erection, returns vivid colors to male orgasm and significantly prolongs the sexual intercourse. Also this drug allows a man to commit more sexual acts in one night than usual.

The active substance of Silagra is sildenafil citrate. Thus, it is a generic of Viagra, and those two meds are absolutely identical in their properties. Silagra is, however, much cheaper than the branded drug: its cost is usually less than a dollar per pill instead of 8 or even 10 dollars!

The manufacturer of Silagra is an Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla Pharmaceuticals. The activity of this corporation is focused on production of affordable analogues of brand medications. The drug has proven to be reliable and safe in use, and is distributed in many countries of the world.

The mechanism of the drug is based on the ability of sildenafil citrate to dilate arteries of the penis, forcing more blood to enter the cavernous bodies and preventing its return back. Thus, Silagra’s action has nothing in common with harmful aphrodisiacs, it can’t cause an erection at the drop of a hat and requires sexual arousal or stimulation to start acting.

Sildenafil belongs to the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. All currently available effective ED drugs come from this group.

Silagra: For Whom Is It Suitable?

This drug is exactly what men with erectile dysfunction of various etiology and severity need to return to normal sexual activity. It is suitable for men of all ages starting from 18 years old. However, some precaution measures should be taken.

First of all, carefully study the instruction before taking and even buying this drug, because it is contraindicated for men with diseases of heart, blood vessels, kidneys and liver. Stomach ulcer and retinitis are also contraindications for Silagra. It is recommended to consult a doctor and get a prescription before taking this drug, especially if you are in advanced age.

Secondly, listen to your feelings after taking the pill. If you experience strong side effects like headache, bleeding from the nose or heartburn, reduce the dosage. However, mild stuffiness in the nose, slight flushing and distortion of color perception are quite common side effects which are not dangerous for health and shouldn’t be the reasons to quit treatment.

Sometimes men without problems in sexual sphere also want to try taking Silagra in order to introduce diversity into sex. This is quite useless, because if your erection is alright, you won’t feel any difference in your sensations after taking the med. Side effects, however, may still be manifested. The medicine is also not intended for use in women.

Silagra: How To Take It?

The most popular dosage of Silagra is 100 mg. It provides a strong effect lasting about four or five hours, but it takes some time to act after you swallow the pill. So, take Silagra about forty minutes before sex, usually this time is enough for the active substance to absorb in blood and start influencing your erection. Take into consideration that if you have eaten greasy food shortly before the intake of the pill, it may slow down the onset of the effect.
It is allowed to take Silagra regularly. The medicine doesn’t cause any kinds of addiction.

Where To Buy Silagra?

Some people may be surprised that such a good medicine is not widely advertised and it is difficult to find it in local pharmacies. But the latter specialize in branded medicines, which bring great profits. However, Silagra can be bought online, it is a very widespread generic of Viagra available in dozens online pharmacies. Pay special attention to our Internet drugstore which deal mainly with ED medicines, prices are really low.
Making an order online, you save lots of your time and efforts. The parcel with your pills will be delivered right to your place as soon as possible!


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