Generic Levitra

How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

One of the most common ailments affecting men of all ages, in the modern world is erectile dysfunction, or shortly ED. Unfortunately, the spread of cars, the prosperity of comfort and the lack of attention paid to sports and recreational activities, as well as nervous work and bad habits, have a very detrimental effect on male intimate health. As a result, men early enough start experiencing difficulties with achieving a good erection, while in fact the male organism, unlike the female, for a very long time can maintain its reproductive function.

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Naturally, when problems arise on the sexual front, men begin to look for a drug solution. But here lies a snag. The modern pharmaceutical industry has many drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (Levitra), it is quite difficult to choose the right one for you. All popular medicines have their own nuances of consumption, they are suitable for different cases of impotence. In this article, we will consider a drug such as generic Levitra. Although this is not the most famous means for increasing potency, in recent years it has deservedly enjoyed increasing population all over the world, and this trend is only gaining momentum.

Meet Levitra

levitra vs viagra
In order to explain what is generic Levitra, we need to know what is the original Levitra. This is a drug against potency disorders, the active substance of which is Vardenafil. Vardenafil is a modern agent of synthetic origin belonging to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. The action of this chemical substance is based on dilating arteries in the penis, as a result of which its cavernous bodies become filled with an increased amount of blood. This leads to a strong erection, but nothing of this kind will happen to you if you just take a pill of Levitra and go shopping, for example – the drugs acts only if you will be sexually aroused or stimulated.

Levitra has absolutely the same properties as the branded drug. It is just manufactured not by the company which invented and patented the drug, but by other ones. Also, Levitra must be sold under another names.
Levitra manufactured by Indian companies are the most popular, because they are cheap and still characterized by really high quality. The dosage options are 5, 10 and 20 mg, 10 mg pills being the most commonly used. The pills are pale orange, with film sheath, and should be taken orally and washed down with water.
It is very convenient to buy Generic Levitra 20mg online. Internet pharmacies offer it at favorable prices, with delivery to the house or post office.

Benefits ofLevitra

This medication has numerous advantages in comparison with other ED drugs, even with famous Viagra. We will list the most remarkable ones.

  • This medicine starts acting rather soon after the intake. The period needed for the active ingredient to absorb into blood is about half an hour, you don’t have to nervously wait long anticipating the effect.
  • Secondly, the period of action of Levitra is considerably longer than the one of other ED meds. It reaches 10 or even 12 hours, which makes admission of this drug very convenient: you can arrange a true sexual marathon for yourself, taking just one pill. All the time of action of the Levitra, you will react brightly to sexual stimulation, quickly reaching a strong erection.
  • Levitra is not only a stimulant of erection, but also an effective remedy for combating premature ejaculation. Having taken a pill, you will notice that you can perform sexual acts much longer than usual, without losing the sharpness of sensations. This property of Vardenafil distinguishes it from all other drugs for the treatment of potency disorders. Urologists prescribe it in clinically confirmed cases of premature ejaculation, when ejaculation occurs during the penetration of a penis into vagina, immediately after or even before it.
  • This drugs doesn’t have a long list of contraindications. In fact, it is prohibited only for men under 18 years old, as well as for adult men with increased sensitivity to Vardenafil, severe cardiovascular pathologies and diseases of liver and kidneys. Also, you must not take Levitra in combination with any other remedies against ED and with nitrate-containing drugs.
  • Levitra is taken “on demand”, that is, immediately before sexual activity. Thus, you don’t need to take tablets on the bell or every day. It is quite important, because regular admission of drugs depresses the mood and is perceived as evidence of a serious illness.
  • Levitra is effective even if you suffer from full impotence. It will bring you back to sexual life, in neglected cases it may take some time for the effect to be manifested.
  • Levitra has few side effects. The most common are headaches after taking the pill, dry mouth, dizziness, allergic reactions. In order not to be surprised by the unusual sensations of your body, study the instruction manual before taking the med.

When will Levitra be generic?

The exclusive rights of Bayer and GSK companies to manufacture and sell vardenafil-based drugs as a remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction protected by a patent issued by the US state expire in October 2018. From this point, one can expect the appearance on the market of developed countries of legally produced and sold drugs. Without a doubt, the aforementioned pharmaceutical companies will make every effort to retain such a seductive niche in the medicines market and extend the validity of the patent. However, it is not necessary to wait for the moment when Levitra is going generic . The violation of the patent, and therefore illegal, is the production and sale of medicines on the territory of the state within which the patent operates (United States, UK, some European countries). In the case of importing a small amount of Levitra for individual consumption into the country, the danger of facing accusations against the buyer is almost zero. In any case, there are no reports of cases of such charges. The maximum that can be faced is the confiscation of the parcel at the customs. However, if you observe moderation and import a small amount of the drug at a time (you should not exceed the number of tablets that are sufficient for three months of taking), then the risk of confiscation is also minimized.


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