No doubt that sexual power of a man is the basis of his good health, confidence and success in a variety of cases, at first glance, even completely unrelated to the sexual sphere. For this reason, in the event that a man has problems with erection, he experiences panic, depression, closes in himself and often denies having erectile dysfunction. But not recognizing himself as sick, he can’t recover. Like any other pathological condition, the inability to achieve a sufficient erection can and should be treated. Modern medicines allow you to quickly and safely return the potency to the proper level.

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What Is Caverta?

Among the tested quality drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) is Caverta is worth noting. This is a generic of famous Viagra. To clarify this definition, it should be said that generics are analogues of branded drugs manufactured under other trade names by other pharmaceutical companies, but having the same composition. If auxiliary substances of generic drugs may slightly differ from the ones used in the original meds, the active ingredients are always the same. Thus, there is no difference between the action of Viagra and its generics like Caverta. The active substance is Sildenafil citrate in both

This drug is manufactured by an Indian pharmaceutical company Sun Pharma, which is a well-known concern established in 1983. Its headquarters is located in Mumbai. The quality of Indian generics is famous all over the world.

Caverta is available in three dosage options: 25, 50 and 100 mg. This range allows any man to select the dosage most suitable for treatment of his potency problems. Most common option is 50 mg, but if you want to be absolutely sure that the drug will help you or if your ED is quite severe, better choose 100 mg. Pills with 25 mg of Sildenafil citrate would be a good choice for men who sometimes experience failures in bed, have fear before first sex or are willing to increase the duration of sexual acts and the number of them per night.

How Does Caverta Help Men?

Caverta’s active substance works through dilating smooth muscles in blood vessels in the penis. As a result of this phenomena, cavernous bodies of the penis become filled with a large amount of blood which can’t return back. It causes the formation of a strong erection, but in order for it to appear, the patient should experience sexual arousal or stimulation of the genital area. Caverta itself doesn’t cause sexual desire and doesn’t influence male libido.

This medication is an effective means against impotence which may strike a man because of advanced age, stressful life, boring sexual partner, sedentary lifestyle and even simply nervous character. Very often violation of erection are caused by psychological reasons. However, Caverta is effective in cases of physiological potency disorders as well.

The drug is prescribed for men of any age, though patients older than 65 years old should take it carefully. The main contraindications of Caverta are diseases of heart and blood vessels, hypertension and hypotension, condition after a stroke or a heart attack, stomach ulcer, individual intolerance, myeloma and some others. Caverta shouldn’t be used by men with deformations of the penis.

To make sure that the medicine won’t harm your health, consult with an urologist before taking it or at least thoroughly study the instruction. Common side effects of this drug include dizziness, stuffiness in the nose, rush of blood to facial skin after the intake of the tablet.

Caverta is produced in form of triangular maroon tablets. Usually a pack contains four pills. Their size doesn’t vary depending on the dosage. A pill should be taken about half an hour before planned sex and washed down with water. It will start acting sooner if you take it on an empty stomach or after a light meal, while greasy food slows down the occurrence of the effect of Sildenafil.

Where To Find Caverta?

The best way to purchase Caverta at a low price is to make an order in an online pharmacy. There are lots of Internet drug stores with really huge assortment of generic drugs against erectile dysfunction. You can select either a pharmacy of general profile, or the one specializing on treatment of impotence. In the latter case, prices and terms of delivery will be even more attractive, you will have the opportunity to get a bonus tablet of Caverta or another generic Viagra or a substantial discount. Buying drugs on the Internet is an excellent choice for men who value their time and money.


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