Morning Walk Is Good for Health

Everyone knows that it is good for health to play sports. Nevertheless, not all people have enough time and money to go to the gym or pool, let alone engage in various sports that require serious equipment. In addition, many people are contraindicated in various sports because of their health condition. Sometimes there is simply no desire to exhaust yourself with serious training. So what to do in this case, how to maintain your health, fitness and mood?

A simple morning walk will come to the rescue. After a light breakfast, leave the house and walk at a comfortable pace from half an hour to an hour. You will feel a rush of energy, breathe the fresh air and recharge for the whole day with pleasant impressions from the morning awakening of nature.


Benefits of Morning Walk

Perhaps you will wonder, why is it best to walk in the morning? Why not take a walk after work? Let’s consider the advantages inherent exactly in the morning walk.

  1. 1)  In the morning the air is the cleanest, especially in big cities. The air is not yet filled with the exhaust gases of cars, the emissions of factories and cigarette smoke. In addition, in the mornings in the air the highest concentration of oxygen is observed, produced during the night by the plants. Thus, making the morning walk, you breathe fresh air full of oxygen, which improves the work of the respiratory system and contributes to the overall health improvement of the body.
  2.  2) Morning walk sets up a cheerful mood and charges you with optimism for the whole day. Agree, a walk in the evening in the air that is all dusted during the day, after a tiring working day, when you want to take a shower, have supper and fall asleep, will not bring you even a small fraction of positive emotions which you can obtain in the morning, watching the sun rising and hearing the birds singing. Often, psychologists recommend walking in the morning as the most affordable and natural means to combat apathy, depression and bad mood. They bring stability and joy into the rabid rhythm of modern life.
  3.  3) The morning walk has a very positive effect on your metabolism, which helps to reduce weight and is an effective prevention of diabetes and other metabolic disorders. It is proved that the efficiency of morning walks even exceeds the effect of jogging, while walking is not contraindicated to anyone and can’t lead to injuries or excessive load on the cardiovascular system.
  4.  4) Walking is very useful for heart health. Sedentary lifestyle leads to the situation when even young people often start to suffocate when climbing to the second or third floor. Serious loads, for example, running, in this case will not be useful, in contrast to a measured morning walk. Walking strengthens the heart muscle and prepares it for increased exercise. Walking in the mornings is a good start to the real jogging and an excellent choice to maintain the motor of your body in a healthy state. Also, it increases the volume of lungs.
  5. 5) It’s no secret that regular morning walks more than three times lower the risk of developing arthritis and osteoporosis in old age. This kind of physical activity gently strengthens the joints and bones.
  6. 6) If a morning walk becomes an integral part of your daily routine and you will stick to this habit for years, you will reduce the risk of a stroke and heart attack by more than 50%.
  7. 7) The morning walk is the most accessible and effective protection of your blood vessels from atherosclerosis. This simple exercise improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol and normalizes arterial pressure.
  8. 8) Regular morning walk improves cognitive abilities and memory by normalizing blood circulation throughout the whole organism, not excluding the brain. In addition, it helps to clear the head of unnecessary thoughts before the start of a new work day.
  9. 9) The morning walk is very useful for pregnant women. It stimulates the supply of oxygen to the fetus, promoting the development of a healthy baby, and alleviates the symptoms of the toxemia of a future mother. Thanks to the stabilization of the level of hormones, the probability of miscarriage decreases.
  10. 10) Morning walks contribute to strengthening immunity, increasing the body’s resistance to various infections and reducing fatigue. Start walking early in the morning, and you will see that you become much less likely to catch cold, you will freeze less and have a better appetite.
  11. 11) The morning walk is useful for health of hair and skin, slows the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.


Take into consideration that in order to achieve the effect of improving health, it is necessary to walk fast enough, but not to be out of breath, and not to bear anything heavy, especially in one hand. A lightweight backpack is quite acceptable, but there’s no point in walking with a heavy bag on your shoulder. Also, ideally, the morning walk should not be connected with the road to work or to the store, but to be a separate event during the day.

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