Good Personal Hygiene Tips

Hygiene in the broadest sense of the word is a doctrine about the preservation of health and the activities that contribute to this. There is a hygiene of work, hygiene of sight, etc. Personal hygiene is daily care of a person about himself, and compliance with its rules improves not only the physical, but also the moral well-being of a person. Even such simple actions as washing hands after coming home from the street or brushing teeth mean a lot for our body. In this article, we will review the best ways to maintain hygiene.


10 Ways To Have Good Hygiene


  • Care about the health of your oral cavity: brush your teeth twice a day, when necessary use dental floss after a meal and clean the plaque from your tongue. These simple measures will protect your teeth from tooth decay, allow you to get rid of food jammed between your teeth and will maintain the freshness of your breath. Mouth wash is also useful. Remember about the necessity to go to the dentist regularly.
  • Take a shower every day. Wash your entire body, hands and feet, using a delicate toilet soap or shower gel. It is preferable not to use washcloths, because they collect a lot of bacteria that multiply on them after you have washed yourself. The shower is better than a bath, because running water efficiently cleans the body, washing away sweat and dirt and refreshing your skin. Clean your private parts separately, better twice a day.
  • Keep your clothes clean. When you regularly change clothes, harmful bacteria doesn’t develop, there is no smell of mustiness and sweat, and you feel fresh and clean. Give preference to clothes made from natural fabrics that breathe.
  • Be sure to rinse off make-up before the night and regularly clean all the sponges, brushes and other devices for its application in order to prevent the formation of bacteria on them. Never go to bed having your make-up on! This causes skin contamination, fatigue, loss of elasticity and moisture.
  • Must regularly, at least 1-2 times a week, cut your fingernails and toenails. Otherwise, they can break off, hurting you, and dirt and harmful bacteria accumulate under the nails that have grown off. For women it is not recommended to have long nails, and if you can’t do without them, then you need to use antiseptic means to clean the back surface of the nails.
  • Men should be aware of the need to shave with extremely sharp razor blades, so as not to injure the skin of the face and not to introduce infection in the scratches.
  • Wash your hands after the toilet, after coming home and before eating. You can’t even imagine how many germs occupy your hands if you ignore water and soap. Money, door handles, handshakes – all this supplies our skin with millions of not the most useful microorganisms that have to be carefully removed.
  • Daily hygiene tips include using quality deodorants to get rid of the smell of sweat. Antiperspirants of the mass market segment will also work, but antiperspirants which are sold in pharmacies should be avoided – they block the secretion of sweat, which is very harmful to the sweat glands and disrupts the body’s thermoregulation.
  • Do not share your means for personal hygiene with anyone else, even if it’s your second half or best friend. Items such as a toothbrush, lipstick, manicure scissors, hairbrush, towel, razor, underwear, as well as headphones, eyeliner, earrings and most of the wardrobe items, other than outerwear such as jackets, can’t be taken from other people, as well as shared by you with anyone else. Remember about the bacteria!
  • Never eat with someone from the same dish, don’t bite off the same chocolate or fruit, don’t drink from one bottle or cup. If you ignore this rule, you can get infected with a huge number of diseases, from a common cold to AIDS.


These are the main body hygiene tips, but their list can be enlarged. For example, the activities included in hygiene are the following: closing the mouth and nose with a handkerchief for sneezing and coughing, regular change of bed linen, washing the head every week or two, using the bidet after going to the toilet, using wet wipes to clean hands and face during the day, avoiding chaffing clothes and uncomfortable shoes. These are very good hygiene tips as well, which every person should pay attention to.
Following these simple health and hygiene tips will allow you to feel and be fresh, clean and strong, forget about lots of illnesses and make you happy and healthy! Sometimes even your personal happiness with a beloved man or woman depends on how well your teeth are brushed or how nice your armpits smell. Thus, to neglect personal hygiene is just a crime!

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