Generic Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Generic ED Drugs

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the biggest troubles that can only happen to a man. For many years there were no ways to effectively treat it, and it’s not even about the Middle Ages or antiquity, but about the New Times, when the medicine was already developed. Yes there, an effective way to cure impotence did not exist until the end of the twentieth century! Fortunately, today there are a number of medications with the help of which men can get rid of problems with potency in almost all cases.

Best-known meds against ED belong to PDE-5 inhibitors, which include such drugs as Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. They are easy to take – a strong erection is guaranteed by taking a pill of the desired dosage not long before the sexual act. This provides a quick onset of the effect and relieves the patient from having to take tablets every day by the clock or by other complex schemes.


ED medications have proven their effectiveness and safety to a man’s organism (of course, if the instructions for use are observed, contraindications and warnings are not ignored). They have become extremely popular among men with potency disorders all around the world, but their main shortcoming is high price and necessity to get a prescription for purchasing them.

Because of these circumstances, a lot of patients wonder, are there any generic drugs against erectile dysfunction? Generic, or analog drugs are usually considerably cheaper than their branded prototypes and can be bought without prescription.

The answer to this question is positive. To date, every branded ED drug has a number of generics. They are produced in different countries, sold under different names and may vary in shape or color of pills, but their active substances and their dosages are the same as in their prototypes. For example, all generics of Viagra and this med itself work due to Sildenafil citrate, main ingredient of Cialis and its numerous analogs is Tadalafil, and the action of Levitra as well as of its generics is based on the active ingredient Vardenafil.

Which Generic ED Meds To Buy?

It would seem that such obvious advantages of generics for the treatment of impotence, like a low price, the same composition as in the original medicines, and often availability over the counter, clearly speak in favor of purchasing these meds instead of branded drugs sold at inflated prices, for buying which you need to visit a doctor. Nevertheless, everything is not so simple. Producers of generics are not required to conduct all the numerous clinical trials of their medicines, in contrast to the manufacturers of branded drugs which they develop themselves, and to prove in front of a lot of commissions and pharmaceutical associations that their products are high-quality and safe. Therefore, often the only factor that causes generic manufacturers to supply to the market quality drugs that don’t contain allergenic auxiliary components and the active ingredients of which are well-purified, is conscience. In addition to conscience, there can be also a license. Some pharmaceutical companies produce generic drugs to combat erectile dysfunction under the license of the manufacturers of the original medicines. Thus, it can be said that manufacturers of branded drugs for increasing potency have their own generics, in the quality of which there is no reason to doubt.

Quality generics can be produced also without a license. Very different from counterfeits and low-quality are medicines of Indian and Canadian production. These countries are recognized leaders in the field of generics. The products of such pharmaceutical companies as Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (the famous Indian company, the second in terms of sales in India), Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Hetero Drugs, Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited, Apotex (Canadian generic giant) and many others have a very good reputation. By purchasing medicines from these manufacturers, you are guaranteed to receive quality products at a low price.

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