Causes of Oversleeping

Traditionally, it is considered that for long sleep is good for health, and insomnia is dangerous for the human organism. However, oversleeping is another fast way to the grave, in addition to insomnia.

As a rule, doctors recommend sleeping eight hours a day. However, modern studies of somnologists have revealed that the optimal length of sleep for a healthy adult is seven hours a day. Those people who sleep longer are significantly more likely to suffer from hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

Oversleeping may cause drowsiness, apathy, pain in the neck. If you lie in bed for ten or even twelve hours, can’t bring yourself to get up, and in the end you still don’t feel fresh and rested, perhaps you have oversleeping disorder.

What Are Medical Reasons for Oversleeping?

The most common reason for oversleeping is the irregular and chaotic regime of the day, and the concept of the regime includes not only the time of bedding and getting up, but also the number and volume of meals and the organization of the work day. It is especially bad for sleep to eat a lot late in the evening, because the food doesn’t have time to digest before going to sleep.

Also among medical reasons there are frequent changes in time zones, stressful conditions, bad habits like drinking and smoking and deficit of ultraviolet rays (sun). People are constantly in closed premises: shops, offices, houses, public transport. The body suffers from a lack of insolation, which must be replenished by walking in the fresh air and using special lamps at home or at work.

The neural disorders (depression, neuroses, mental illnesses) and the intake of certain medications are a special and most serious item along with the pathologies of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems, which can also lead to oversleeping. For example, many heart defects indicate themselves primarily as oversleeping and a constant desire to take a nap. Oversleeping can be the signal of a shortage of iodine, thyroid disorders, anemia, lack of iron in the body.

Increased fatigue and excessively long sleep can be caused by hypotension (low blood pressure and weak vascular tone).

Why Do I Oversleep And How To Get Rid of It?

If you notice that it is difficult for you to get up from bed in the morning, the alarm clock pulls you out of a deep sleep and you yawn all day long, it’s time to think about what causes oversleeping. Analyze your lifestyle, pay attention to the medications that you take, study the instructions to them – perhaps, some medicine is to blame. For example, many antihistamines are even contraindicated to persons driving vehicle and precise mechanisms, due to the fact that they cause a decrease in the response. Try to normalize the regime of the day, avoid day’s duties, choose for yourself a normal schedule of falling asleep and getting up. If you suffer from any diseases which may affect your sleep, make every effort to be cured of them.

Oversleeping Side Effects

Among the side effects of oversleeping there can be called not only drowsiness and a broken state of the organism, but also the development of other pathological conditions:

  • – headaches up to migraines and pain in the neck, which are caused by a long position in an uncomfortable position and insufficient supply of brain with blood;
  • – the appearance of excess weight because of reduced level of physical activity;
  • – development of the syndrome of chronic fatigue, decreased efficiency at work;
  • – increased risk of osteochondrosis;
  • – decrease of immunity and resistance of the organism to viral and bacterial infections.

Does Oversleeping Cause Depression?

Sometimes you can hear that overdose causes depression. Is it really so? Various studies show that often there is a vicious cycle: oversleeping causes apathy and a bad mood, that is, depression, and this condition, in turn, leads to oversleeping and poor quality of sleep.

In general, mental disorders have the strongest negative impact on a person’s sleep. Stressful situations and mental disorders cause fragmentary sleep, a person often wakes up or can’t fall sleep for a long time, he has nightmares and he doesn’t rest during sleep. Such conditions require attention and a visit to a specialist – somnologist, neurologist, psychologist, and in especially difficult cases even to a psychiatrist.

Is Oversleeping Bad for You?

This question may surprise you, since the whole article we have been talking about the harm of oversleeping. Nevertheless, on a large scale, the problem of oversleeping is not acute. Much more often people suffer from lack of sleep, and even if they sleep too much, it is caused by overwork, which is not dangerous, since in this case oversleeping gives the body the opportunity to restore its strength.

The main recommendation following which you can get rid of oversleeping is to go to bed and get up at the same time, that is, to observe the regime of the day, and not to eat a lot before going to sleep. For most people this is enough to form the optimal 7-hour sleep cycle.

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