Benefits of Suma

Suma, also known as Brazilian ginseng, is a herbaceous plant (a small liana) native to Central and South America, the root of which is widely used in traditional medicine of many different countries. The scientific name of this plant is Pfaffia paniculata. It is quite difficult to list all the spheres of application of this magical remedy, but in this article we will try to cover the main of them.

Nevertheless, first of all we need to find out in what form suma root is used and what is suma root. In medicine, extracts from the root, powder from the dried roots and tinctures on alcohol and other liquids are used. Currently, medicines based on this plant are available in form of syrups, capsules and pills.

Health Benefits of Suma

It’s amazing how many plants useful to the human body exist in all corners of the globe. For a long time, the Indians of South America used suma root to get rid of hormonal disorders in women and men, to increase muscle mass and slow the aging of the organism. Today even more useful properties of this plant have become known.

  • The root of this plant contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as electrolytes. The latter give it strong toning properties, this plant acts as a natural energizer. Due to this it has become popular among athletes as a completely legal stimulating tool for achieving maximum results in competitions and training. Suma root helps to reduce body fat.
  • Thanks to two anabolic-like substances (ecdysterone and allantoin), which are contained in suma root, its use helps sportsmen to build up quality dry muscle mass. This plant is increasingly used by bodybuilders as a safe and natural anabolic instead of chemical steroids. Nevertheless, at international competitions, suma root is included in the list of prohibited preparations.
  • Suma helps to maintain hormonal balance in the organism. It increases the production of testosterone in men, strengthening libido, improving the quality of erection and increasing the amount of sperm. For women, taking food additives from the root of suma helps to delay the onset of menopause, normalizes the menstrual cycle. Taking medications from suma root during menopause makes this transition period in a woman’s life more mild, reduces the number of unpleasant sensations (tides of blood to the face, bouts of irritation, sudden mood swings, apathy).
  • Suma root lowers the content of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, cleans the blood vessels from fatty plaques, which is especially important for people older than 60.
  • Suma root extract reduces the level of sugar in the blood, due to which this kind of medicine is popular among people with diabetes.
  • Modern medicine uses extracts from suma root for the production of antitumor drugs used for treating cancerous tumors.
  • Suma root has a beneficial effect on the immune system, increasing the body’s ability to resist many viral and bacterial infections. Also this plant helps to fight with bad mood and chronic fatigue which is so widely spread today.
  • Food supplements based on this plant are good for memory due to suma’s ability to improve circulation of blood in the brain.

Notes on Taking Suma Root

Please take into consideration that in order to achieve the maximum effect, dietary supplements containing suma root should not contain other serious active ingredients. Thus, capsules based on the extract of this plant can contain only gelatin and magnesium stearate – auxiliary substances responsible for the formation of the mass and shape of the capsule and not having any medicinal effect on the body.

Avoid biologically active additives without proper certificates or instruction manuals. Pay attention to the country of origin of the additive: Chinese preparation are seldom high-quality, and you risk to buy ordinary grass under the disguise of suma.

Suma root can be used not only in the form of pills and tinctures, but also directly in the form of powder from the dried and crushed root. This powder can be brewed instead of tea or added to food as a spice.

Is Suma Root Safe?

Suma root is contraindicated for people with estrogen-positive cancers and in cases of individual intolerance, which is usually expressed as an allergy to this plant. This happens infrequently, but if you notice that after taking suma root you sneeze, experience itchy skin or chills, it will be optimal to stop using this natural medicine. In general, this plant doesn’t have any negative influence on the human organism.
Suma root benefits and side effects must be necessarily listed in the instructions for a particular preparation based on this plant. And if you take directly the powder from suma root, the instruction will be replaced by this article.

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