Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction and methods of its treatment

ED: It’s All In Your Head

Sooner or later, every man is faced with the fact that at the time of sexual intercourse he fails to achieve a normal erection. At first this situation causes shock, even panic, and then – the question “What to do?”

This, of course, is more than an important question. However, in order to give an answer to it, first of all you need to find out what is the reason for the violation of potency. About 45% of all cases of erectile dysfunction (ED) are closely related to psychological problems (read more about men’s health issues).

The psychological causes of impotence, also called psychogenic, may be the following:

  • – stressful situations. Stress is the most common cause of disorders of male sexual sphere. It can be money-related, family-related, martial-related, etc. Chronic fatigue can be considered a kind of stress, which especially often develops among men who work in responsible positions.
  • – clinical psychological disorders, such as depression. From 80 to 92% of cases of depression are accompanied by violations of potency, up to the complete absence of sexual desire.
  • – psychological trauma associated with unsuccessful first sexual experience or any traumatic event associated with sexual intercourse. Vulnerabilities from childhood and adolescence may also be the reasons for problems in bed.
  • – low self-esteem and the fear of sexual failure. The latter can be called a kind of psychological trauma. It should be noted that the fear of not being able to perform a normal sexual intercourse lowers the man’s confidence in his own abilities, forming a kind of “vicious circle” and leading to a further deterioration of potency.
  • – indifference towards sexual partner. The fact that the sexual life of a man who is in a relationship with a regular partner over time becomes boring should not be neglected.
  • – pornography addiction. If a man spends a lot of time watching pornographic videos with ideal bodies, his real partner may stop exciting him, which could result in a violation of potency.

Despite the fact that every man may occasionally experience difficulty in bed due to the above reasons, it is not necessary to immediately assume that this is erectile dysfunction. It is possible to talk about this disease only if more than half of sexual acts are accompanied by difficulties in achieving and maintaining an erection. In addition to purely psychogenic erectile dysfunction, there are cases when psychological problems are combined with physiological ones.

How To Treat Psychological ED?

If a man suffers from psychogenic erectile dysfunction, in no case should the disease be allowed to take its course, especially given the fact that psychological ED is easier cured than organic impotence.

The main tool for restoring potency in this case is work with a psychologist. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is widely used for solving male intimate problems. Independent work on your psyche also plays a role in the treatment process. Typically, the patient may resort to such techniques as deep rhythmic breathing, meditation, guided imagery.

It is useful to come to the sessions with a psychologist with your partner, especially if the decrease in erection is caused by problems in family life (about mental health problem for men over the age of 60 years). Often, the wise words of a good doctor can save a patient from anxieties and complexes that have tormented him for decades.

In addition to psychotherapy, the doctor may prescribe the use of specialized drugs for increasing erection, which belonging to the group of PDE-5 inhibitors. These medicines include well-known pills Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their generics. Despite the fact that they stimulate an erection in a physiological way, increasing the blood supply to the penis, they are also effective against psychogenic impotence. A man who has taken such medicine before sexual intercourse can be sure that he will not experience difficulties with sex. Regular intake of the medication helps to restore a man’s psychological comfort during sex, and as a result, the need to take pills is soon lost.

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by Karen Nash