Kamagra Tablets Side Effects

What Is Kamagra?

Recently, a new medication for fighting with erectile dysfunction has entered the pharmaceutical market. This drug is Kamagra, which immediately became popular in men with impaired potency.

Kamagra is an effective modern drug that gives men the opportunity to restore good potency and return to full-fledged intimate life. The active substance of this drug is Sildenafil citrate, a qualitative selective inhibitor of PDE-5 which determines the effect of the most famous drug against a weak erection – Viagra. Kamagra is its generic, i.e. analog, but for a number of characteristics even exceeds its prototype. First of all, it is much cheaper, and also many patients note a lesser degree of side effects compared to the branded drug.

How To Take Kamagra?

This medicine is available in dosages of 25, 50 and 100 mg. The most popular tablet is 100 mg, as it is the most reliable option for achieving a strong and long erection.
The maximum allowable dosage per day is 100 mg. The patient should take a tablet about forty-five minutes before sex and washed down with any non-alcoholic liquid. Sometimes the med is prescribed to be taken in courses, but it is only the doctor who should take the decision about such prolonged therapy.

The duration of the effect of the medication is about five hours. During all this time a man will react more acutely to sexual stimuli. Kamagra allows you to have more sexual acts one after another, and also significantly prolongs the duration of each of them. In this regard, this drug is widely used to combat premature ejaculation. This double action – strengthening of an erection and prolongation of sexual acts – makes Kamagra an indispensable tool for solving all common male sexual problems. Kamagra provides the man with real control over ejaculation, while pleasant sensations from sex are not dulled. This property attracts many men who want not only to easily achieve a strong erection, but also to maintain it for a long time. It is a mistake to think that the duration of sex is important only for women. Suffering from premature ejaculation, men experience from sex no more pleasure than from sneezing – instead of love ecstasy.
Many patients note that after regular intake of Kamagra spontaneous morning erections resume, their confidence in their sexual attractiveness increases, and they become bolder in communicating with the opposite sex.

Kamagra Side Effects

Before using this drug, a patient should study what its side effects are, so as not to encounter anything unexpected. Main part of the side effects of this drug are associated with its effect on the heart and vasodilating property. So, quite a lot of patients complain about stuffiness in the nose, coming soon after taking the pill, and redness of the skin of the face or neck. These symptoms are not dangerous to the organism and are caused by the fact that Sildenafil can’t expand the blood vessels selectively, only in the penis – it affects vessels in the whole organism.

Among other relatively common side effects of Kamagra one can name headache, slight distortion in the perception of colors, light dizziness. Rarely there may be upset stomach, nausea. Side effects can be expressed more strongly in case of reception of 100 mg pills, but tend to disappear after the first two or three receptions of this preparation.

The rare Kamagra 100 mg side effects are muscle spasms, pains in the back and waist and bleeding from the nose.

Side effects do not require any special treatment, but if you feel strong headache, a pill of Aspirin will be helpful. If it seems to you that they are too strong and interfere with enjoying sex, consult your doctor about the advisability of reducing the dosage or switching to another medicine.

Kamagra is suitable for older men (older than 65 years). It acts on the body quite gently, and in the absence of obvious contraindications in advanced-aged patients, there is no need to reduce the dosage. With the help of this medication you can at any age enjoy a decent potency and feminine attention. If you are afraid of strong side effects or just do not really trust drugs to restore potency, start taking it with a minimum dosage.

Kamagra Contraindications

In connection with the side effects, the contraindications for taking Kamagra should also be mentioned. This medicine is not suitable for all patients, as it is quite serious in terms of systemic effects on the body. The main contraindication to the use of this drug are cardiovascular diseases. For serious pathologies, the drug is absolutely contraindicated, and with relatively weak diseases before using it we recommend to consult a cardiologist.

Also with caution this medicine should be used by men suffering from hypertension or hypotension. Sildenafil has the property of causing a drop in arterial pressure, which can adversely affect your health in case of both these diseases.
In cases of severe renal and hepatic insufficiency, taking Kamagra is not recommended, since it will be difficult for damaged organs to cope with removing the medicine from the body.

It happens that allergic reactions to Sildenafil take place, which are expressed in the form of rashes on the skin, itching and sneezing. In this situation, it is best to stop taking the drug and switch to some other med, not containing Sildenafil citrate.
It is important to note that Kamagra doesn’t become addictive.
Like other preparations from the group of PDE-5 inhibitors, this medication is prohibited to persons under 18 years of age and to women. This medicine was developed specifically for men.

Kamagra Purchase Recommendation

Purchasing Kamagra online or in local drugstores, check in the pharmacy you have selected has a license for trading medications. Avoid questionable kiosks and websites that are shops and not pharmacies. It is best to purchase high-quality medicines for increasing potency in large online pharmacies selling certified medications and bearing responsibility for the quality of their assortment.

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